The WetWand

What is the WetWand?

We’ve all been there – it’s time to get your child ready for school, and when it comes time to do their hair, it turns into a production. They won’t sit still, they get upset, you get frustrated because your style isn’t working, and it adds stress to your day before the day has even begun. That’s where The WetWand comes in. In a fraction of the time rollers and curling irons take to do your child’s hair, The WetWand creates frizz-free, natural-looking curls that last for up to two to three weeks! No heat required. This amazing tool works with the natural curl pattern to prevent damage or frizz. Just wet, part, twirl, and release for long lasting spiral curls your child will love.

How does it work?

Because it does not require heat, using the WetWand is easy and only requires four steps: Wet, Part, Twirl, Release. 

Ready to try it out?

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